Каталог продукции

Quality Policy

Manufacture of competitive products meeting customer demands, creating their strong loyality to our products that generate profit is considered by Scientific Production Association Turbulentnost-Don LLC as the basis for the long-term Quality Policy

Strategy of Scientific Production Association Turbulentnost-Don LLC is to diversify the product portfolio in order to increase turnover with the aim to extend our customer group


  • Consider customer needs as a basis for company’s activity and be ready to meet their expectations;
  • Continuous improvement of the production process management system;
  • Giving the highest priority to quality issues in case of risk arising, comparing with the best world achievements, opportunities for improvements;
  • Each employee is responsible for quality of his/her work and improvement of his/her working practice;
  • Personnel competence development;
  • Establishing of long-term relations with customers.
  • Maintains the Quality Policy in actual state
  • Provides personnel with required resources, equips them with state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Informs employees on their duties, establishes responsibilities and improves their competence through training
  • Reviews the quality management system
  • Forms Company image as a manufacturer of high-quality products
  • Provides required resources for production, ensures measurement devices verification in accordance with standards


 The main principle of Company management is


  • proof-based decision making


This principle is implemented through documentary support of data accuracy and reliability and non-prejudicial data analysis.

Top management bears responsibility for:

  • efficiency of the quality management system;
  • integration of quality management system requirements in business processes;
  • promotion of process-based approach and risk-oriented thinking;
  • ensuring availability of resources needed for the quality management system;
  • achievement of quality management goals;
  • engagement of managers and supporting of employees involvement in ensuring efficiency of the quality management system.
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