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The DONTEL hard- and software complex

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DONTEL software

DONTEL software


The DONTEL hard- and software

complex (DONTEL HSC) is used for:

  • constructing automated resource metering systems;
  • production process control;
  • monitoring and accident notifi­cation.

Main applications of the complex:

1. Natural gas transportation and sale:

  • Collecting data from gas meters, including for commercial metering of gas;
  • Monitoring process parameters of gas distribution networks;
  • Notification on contingencies and accidents, exceeded preset values of process parameters;
  • Interfacing with GIST-systems, organization of regional dispatching stations.

Customers: regional gas companies.

2. Complex metering of energy resources:

  • Construction of automated systems for commercial metering of energy resources, collection of data from energy resource meters;
  • Interfacing with billing systems, keeping settlements concerning the consumed energy resources;
  • Notification on contingencies and accidents.

Customers: energy resource suppliers, major consuming plants, industrial concerns.

3. Metering of energy resources in the utility and household sphere:

  • Collecting data on energy resource consumption in apartment buildings and individual houses;
  • Keeping the technological balance sheet during energy resource transportation and distribution;
  • Interfacing with billing systems, keeping settlements concerning the consumed energy resources;
  • Ensuring safety and emergency shutdown of gas supply.

Customers: management companies in the field of utility and household facilities, energy resource suppliers.

4. Technological metering of liquids and gases at production plants:

  • Collecting data on consumed volumes of technological liquids and gases;
  • Monitoring of process parameters;
  • Notification and alarm in case of emergencies and accidents;
  • Safety assurance, emergency control of valves and gates.

Customers: production plants in the chemical, oil and gas and other industries.

Functionality of DONTEL HSC software:

Versions of DONTEL software:

  • For gas distribution organizations;
  • For regional gas companies and Transgaz;
  • For Housing and Utilities Infrastructure, utility and household sphere and industrial plants.


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