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Modem pool

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Modem pools are used for:

  • data exchange with controllers of telemetry and telemechanics simulta­neously via several cellular communi­cation channels;
  • extension of the number of polled devices within the data acquisition system.

The equipment is delivered within the DONTEL hard - and software complex, as well as it can be used for arrangement of data acquisition from the controllers of telemetry systems of other manufacturers.

If needed, the pool can be completed with a block of external antennas for GSM signal amplification.

Configuration :

  • Based on the number of modems: PM-04, PM-08-4 and 8 modems accordingly.
  • Via external interfaces for PC connection: USB, Ethernet.

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Average number of polled devices, per one modem an hour, pcs

up to 50
Interface for PC connection USB or Ethernet
Electrical power supply 220V, 50Hz
Dust-moisture protection level IР20
Ambient air temperature from -20°С to +50°С
Spark protection Optionally, integrated spark protection barrier;
Overall dimensions (mm)  and weight(kg), not more than
  • PM–04, not more than 4 kg.
  • PM–08, not more than 8 kg.
Average mean time between failures, hours, at least 70,000
Average service life, years, at least 10