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Pressure absolute sensors Turbo Flow PS

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Pressure sensors Turbo Flow PS are used to measure:

  • absolute pressure;
  • data transmission to automatic process control system (APCS) via unified output signals or wireless communication channels.

Field of application:

Systems of monitoring, regulation and control of production processes, including commercial energy resource metering systems , as well as for data transmission via wireless interfaces.


  • Built-in telemetry unit;
  • Archiving, recording and storage of information on pressure and temperature values;
  • Autonomous power supply;
  • High pressure configuration, up to 40 MPa;
  • Autonomous operation time not less than six years;
  • Visual monitoring of the current value of measured pressure on the LCD-indicator;
  • A multifunction indicator (numerical value of parameter, units of measurement, temperatures, actuation levels of preset values, setting parameters);
  • Operational zero setting;
  • Selection of system and setting of measurement units (Pa, kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, kgf/m2, mA);
  • Setting of output signal averaging time (damping);
  • Setting for a "shifted" measurement limit;
  • Correction of measurement errors by means of built-in microprocessor and temperature sensor.


By pressure:

  • For low pressure (up to 1.6 MPa);
  • For high pressure (from 1.6 MPa to 40 MPa).

Based on explosion protection:

  • 0 Ex ia  IIC  T6;
  • 1 Ex d IIC  T4 Gb X.
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Characteristic Value

Measurement ranges:
-absolute pressure, MPa 

 from 0 to 40 

Limits of permissible main reduced error during pressure measurement (depending on modifications and setting), %

±0.075; ±0.1; ±0.15; ±0.25; ±0.5

Limits of permissible additional reduced error, caused by change in ambient air temperature from 20°C in the range of operating temperatures per each 10°C (depending on modification and setting), % of the measurement range

 from ± 0.015 to ± 0.1

Explosion protection marking

0 Ex ia  IIC  T6

1 Ex d IIC  T4 Gb X

Weight (depending on configuration), kg, not more than

from 0.6 to 5.5

Overall dimensions (depending on configuration) mm, not more than

from  (175х110х65) to (290х150х190)

Average mean time between failures, hours, at least


Autonomous operation time, years, not less than


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