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Portable calibration rigs SPU-3M-100

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Portable calibration rigs of SPU-3M-100 series are used for calibration of utility and household gas meters of standard sizes G1.6-G65 on site without dismounting.

The rig has inherited all the technical solutions and advantages of the junior range of SPU-3, but at the same time it differs by the extended upper limit of the measured medium flow rate range: from 0.1 to 100 m3/h.

This modification of the rig allows calibrating utility and household meters of standard sizes up to G65 inclusive.

Calibration of gas meters (flowmeters) is based on comparison of the results of simultaneous measurements of the working medium flow volume (flow rate) by the meter (flowmeter) and the unit, connected successively in the measuring line.


  • Calibration of meters with standard size up to G65 inclusive;

  • Retained compactness of the rig within a single portable case;

  • Fully automated calibration procedure;

  • Dynamic range of flow rates 1:1,000;

  • Autonomous operation from the integrated power supply source up to 10 h;

  • The integrated printer for printing out the calibration protocol on site;

  • The rig's software allows keeping an archive of calibrations;

  • Data uploading to a PC via a USB-connector.

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Metrological performance 

Range of reproduced calibration flow rates, m3/h

from 0.1 to 100

Limits of permissible relative error of the rig during measurement of gas volume in working conditions, %


Limits of permissible relative error of the rig during measurement of gas volume, reduced to standard conditions, %


Limits of permissible absolute error during temperature measurement, °C


Limits of permissible reduced error during direct overpressure (absolute pressure) measurement, %


Overpressure of measured medium in pipeline, kPa


Time of autonomous operation from internal power supply source, h, not less than:

Unit weight, kg: 20
Overall dimensions, mm: 500х600х180
Average mean time between failures, hours, at least: 12 000
Average service life, years, at least: 12

Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Armenia (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Belarus (RUS)

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