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Base module

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  • Organization of two-way data exchange between the controller and upper-level software;
  • Control and synchronization of extension module operation;
  • Management of controller configuration.


  • BM GSM: a module with a built-in GSM modem for transmission of telemetry data using cellular networks;
  • BM Ethernet: a module with a built-in Ethernet-adapter, allowing for data transmission via LAN;
  • Optionally: built-in spark protection.

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Description Values
Number of connected extension modules Up to 16 pcs

Format of information exchange with upper-level software:


Signal input:

1 digital interface RS-232\RS-485;
2 discrete inputs, configurable operation mode: counting / level.

Keeping archives and transmission to a dispatching station:

current values of measured parameters;

Module control:

display and keyboard;
specialized workstation or software of upper level;

Module power supply:

via an internal bus from the power supply module or autonomous power supply module

Dust-moisture protection level: IР20
Ambient air temperature: from -20°С to +50°С
Spark protection: Optionally, integrated spark protection barrier
Overall dimensions (depending on configuration) mm, not more than


Weight, kg: not more than 


Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kazakhstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kyrgyzstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Turkmenistan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Uzbekistan (RUS)