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Portable calibration rigs SPU-3

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Portable calibration rigs SPU-3

Portable calibration rigs SPU-3

Portable calibration rigs SPU-3M-100

Portable calibration rigs SPU-3M-100
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The reference in the rig is the flowmeter, the operating principle whereof is based on dependence of gas jet oscillation frequency in the sensitive element on the gas flow speed in the rig's pipeline. The meter's sensitive element is the fluid self-oscillator (FSO), which is a combination of plates and ducts, forming a bistable fluid-jet element with feedbacks, ensuring the self-oscillation mode. The jet oscillations and converted by the piezoelectric element into an electric pulse signal proportional to the gas volume passing through the rig. The pulse signal is converted in the analogue-to-digital converted (ADC) into the gas volume value and is recorded on an accrual basis.

Calibration of gas meters (flowmeters) is based on comparison of the results of simultaneous measurements of the working medium flow volume (flow rate) by the meter (flowmeter) and the unit, connected successively in the measuring line.


  • Equipment compactness allows arranging the rig in one portable case;

  • Fully automated calibration procedure;

  • Wide dynamic range of flowrates 1:1,000;

  • Autonomous operation from the integrated power supply source up to 10 h;

  • The integrated printer for printing out the calibration protocol on site;

  • The rig's software allows keeping an archive of calibrations;

  • Data uploading to a PC via a USB-connector;

  • High accuracy: the relative measurement error is not more than 0.4% throughout the range of operating flow rate.

The range of portable calibration rigs allows calibrating utility and household meters of standard sizes from G1.6 to G65 inclusive. The meters, basing on different physical principles of measurement, present different requirements to the calibration rig's dynamic range. The dynamic range of SPU-3 rigs allows operating with any meter types: membrane, jet, ultrasonic, etc.

The rig is placed in a compact case, has an integrated power supply source and a printer. Calibration and protocol drawing-up are performed on site, without meter dismounting.

The time of one calibration procedure is on the average 20-25 minutes, which allows calibrating 10-20 meters per shift, depending on conditions. Thus, the average payability period during rig operation is 12 months, which is an evident illustration of the rig's economic efficiency.

Modification Maximum calibration flow rate, m3/h Maximum standard size of the calibrated meter
SPU-3-16 16 G10
SPU-3-25 25 G16
SPU-3-40 40 G25
SPU-3M-100 100 G65

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