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Portable liquid flowmeter RS-2M (mobile)

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Portable flowmeter RS-2M (mobile) is used for visiting check measurements of liquid flow rate on pipelines of any material. Field of application is water metering at distribution cluster stations and use as a check instrument for detection of unbalance.


The flowmeter is used for visiting check measurements of liquid flow rate on pipelines of any material.

Measurement method:

The physical principle of measurement is based on the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, in accordance with which, during motion of electroconductive liquid in the magnetic field, generated by excitation coils of the primary speed transducer, an electromotive force (EMF) is induced in it, which is proportional to the average speed of liquid motion. The output signal of the primary transducer comes to the computing unit where all the measured quantities are calculated.

This method has a number of advantages as compared to the conventional flowmeters of the turbine, impeller and other types:

  • Sensitivity to small liquid flow rates-the turbine, impeller or another mechanism usually do not rotate at small liquid flow rates;
  • Absence of moving parts in the flow-no friction, wear, and, as a consequence, deterioration of the flowmeter's metrological performance, enhancement of reliability;
  • Classical flowmeters create resistance to the liquid motion, while the probe does not affect the flow at all;
  • The flowmeter is insensitive to contamination in liquid;
  • Easy mounting without shut-off of the mainline;
  • Perfectly suited for pipelines of larger diameter up to 1,700 mm.


  • Calculating the current liquid flow rate;
  • Calculating the accumulated liquid volume;
  • Keeping archives of measured quantities.

Field of application:

  • Water metering at distribution cluster stations;
  • Use as a check instrument for detection of unbalance.

Design features:

  • It has the full functionality and characteristics of the stationary flowmeter;
  • The quick-detachable primary transducer allows for quick installation, measurement and dismounting of the flowmeter on the pipeline without pressure release;
  • Is compactly placed in the portable case;
  • Keeping measurement archives;
  • A port for computer connection.

Flowmeter composition:

  • flow speed meter;
  • liquid flow rate calculator;
  • basic power supply unit.

The design of RS-2M-PIRS provides for arrangement of a flowmeter cabinet, flow speed meter and other components in a compact metallic case.

The flowmeter has the possibility of operation both from the mains and from a vehicle storage battery with the voltage of 12 V. Operation time with such power supply will be up to 5 days. On Customer’s request the flowmeter is completed with “Don-Turbo” telemetry system.


Dust and moisture protection:

Fully leakproof housing (IР 67).

Electrical power supply:

Integrated power supply source.

Indication and control:

A screen and keyboard within the portable case.


Non-volatile memory (EEPROM).


A quick-detachable probe primary transducer.

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Characteristic Value

Range of measurements of volumetric liquid flow rate, m3/h

from 0.1 to 40,856

Limits of permissible relative error during flow rate measurement, %, in the range of liquid flow rate speeds (V, m/s):
- 0,015 ≤V ≤ 0,1
- 0,1 ≤V ≤ 5


Range of electroconductive liquid temperatures, °C

from 0 to 150

Permissible daily values of clock rate, s


Maximum pipeline overpressure, MPa


Pipeline nominal bore diameter, mm:

from 50 to 1,700

Power supply parameters:
AC voltage, V
frequency, Hz



Flowmeter weight, kg, not more than:


Case overall dimensions, mm, not more than:


Average service life, years, at least:


Average mean time between failures, at least, h

10 000

Nominal diameter:

DN, mm 50 60 80 100 150 200 250 300 400 500 600-1700
Qmin, m3/h 0,11 0,15 0,27 0,42 0,95 1,70 2,65 3,82 6,78 10,60 special order
Qmax, m3/h 35,3 50,9 90,4 141,3 317,9 565,2 883,1 1271,7 2260,8 3532,5 special order

Download software

NameInstrumentsFiles nameSize,byte
DOTNET 4.0.3


DotNetPack_403ru 124 147 694
XGViewer_1.2.45 PC-2M BP20
XGViewer_1.2.45 15 287 360

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