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Level gauges Turbo Flow LVG

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Level gauges are used for:

  • measurement of level of various liquid products;
  • levels of separation of immiscible liquids;
  • temperature and pressure of monitored medium;
  • calculating the volume and weight of monitored medium.

Field of application:

  • gas industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • oil refining;
  • other industries with tank farms.


The feature of the standard level gauge configuration is the execution of the necessary calculations, computations and archiving by means of the flow measurement cabinet. The flow measurement cabinet shall be connected to the level gauge for data exchange via wired serial interfaces.

Instrument functions:

  • Measurement of liquid product level;
  • Measurement of media separation level;
  • Measurement of temperature of monitored medium;
  • Indication of layer-by-layer temperature of monitored medium;
  • Pressure measurement;
  • Calculating the weight of monitored medium;
  • Calculating the tank volume;
  • Calculating the degree of tank filling;
  • Exchange with automatic process control systems (APCS) via wired interfaces.

The instrument can be equipped with a density meter for automatic full determination of all parameters of monitored medium.


Based on the number of floats:

  • One float;
  • Two floats.

Based on level gauge powersupply:

  • Autonomous power source;
  • External power source;
  • External power supply source with autonomous power supply source.

Based on availability of pressure sensor:

  • With pressure sensor (up to two measurement channels);
  • Without pressure sensor.

Based on degree of explosion protection:

  • 0 Ex ia IIC T4 GaX;
  • 0 Ex ia IIC T6 Ga.
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Description Value

Limits of permissible main absolute error and reading variations during level measurement (depending on configuration), mm

Limits of permissible main absolute error and reading variations during level measurement each 10°C per 1,000 mm of length, mm ±0,4
Limits of permissible reduced error during conversion of medium level into standard current (potential) output signal, % ±0,15
Limits of absolute error during temperature measurement, °C in the range: (minus  50;plus 80) ±0,5
Limits of permissible relative errorduring pressure measurement, % ±0,5
Limits of permissible absolute error of density measurements at completing of the level gauge with density meter 804 in the range of operating temperatures and pressures for the configuration of density meter 804 with a digital output signal, depending on limits of factory calibration error, kg/m3 ±0,5 or ±1,0

Limits of permissible relative error of product weight calculation, %

Limits of permissible relative error during measurement of product liquid phase weight in case of the indirect method of static measurements:
-up to 120t, if the value of density in working conditions is used;
-from 120t and more, if the value of density in working conditions is used.

Upper limits of level measurements (level measurement ranges), m

1,0; 1,6; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0; 3,5; 4,0; 4,5; 5,0; 10,0
Lower non-measured level, mm, not more than 110

Range of measurements of measured medium temperature, °C

from minus 50°С to plus 80°С

Range of overpressure measurements, MPa

from 0 to 2.5

Working range of overpressure measurements, %

from 33 to 100

Density measurement range, kg/m3

from 0 to 2,000

Analog outputs:
-current output, mA
- potential output, V

from 0 to 5; from 4 to 20; from 0 to 20
from 0.4 to 2; from 0 to 10

Digital wired interfaces

MODBUS RTU protocol via RS-232, RS-232 TTL and RS-485

Average mean time between failures, hours, at least


Operating conditions:

-ambient air temperature, °C

-relative air humidity, %

from minus 50 to plus 70 

from 30 to 95

Ingress protection degree IP65
Calibration interval (forthe configuration with density meter) 3 years (2 years)
Level gauge weight, kg, not more than 50

Weight of remote displaying device, kg, not more than

Overall dimensions of remote displaying device, mm, not more than 200х350х135

Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Declaration of Conformity (RUS)

Certificate of compliance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (RUS)