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Grand TK gas meters are used for:

  • measuring the volume of natural gas or liquefied gas vapors;
  • electronic correction of consumed gas volume by temperature of the measured medium.

Field of application:

Grand TK gas meters allow for metering of consumed gas:

  • in apartments;
  • in private houses;
  • in other utility and household facilities.


  • Electronic correction of gas volume by temperature of the measured medium.
  • T - gas volume measurement at operating conditions and calculation of gas volumetric flow rate and gas volume normalized to standard conditions, with gas temperature measurement considering pressure parameters and gas-compressibility factor to be conditional-constant values;
  • Instrument's compactness is conditioned by the use of the jet method, it ensures small overall dimensions of the instrument;
  • Absence of moving mechanical parts and high reliability due to this, also conditioned by the chosen jet method of gas consumption volume metering;
  • Simple mounting (gas welding operations not required) allows quick and inexpensive replacement of the old meter;
  • The meter can be mounted in any position convenient for the client, vertical or horizontal;
  • The manufacturer provides a long-term 12 year warranty.


By the color of casing:

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Orange.

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Characteristic Grand-25ТК
Maximum flowrate, Qmax, m3/h 25
Measurement range 1:160

Limits of permissible relative error during gas volume measurement, % in the flow rate range:

± 2.5
for configuration 1: ± 1.0
for configuration 2: ± 1.5
Battery service life, years, at least 12
Time between failures, hours, at least 110 000
Average service life, years, at least 24
Nominal diameter, mm 40

Joining thread of coupling nut, G


Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm, not more than

Weight, kg 3.0

Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Certificate of compliance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (RUS)