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Our partners

Our customers

Customers of Scientific Production Association Turbulentnost-Don LLC are well-known companies, such as:

  • Gazprom JSC
  • NK Rosneft JSC
  • Lukoil JSC
  • Neftegazavtomatika JSC
  • Surgutneftegaz JSC

We deliver our products and services over the entire territory of Russia, our devices are operated in various regional companies, such as:

Peterburgregiongaz CJSC, Rostovregiongaz LLC, Adygregiongaz LCC, Astrakhanregiongaz LLC, Bryanskregiongaz LLC, Bashkirgaz LLC, Vladimirregiongaz LLC, Volgogradregiongaz LLC, Vologdaregiongaz LLC, Kalugaregiongaz LLC, Krasnodarregiongaz LLC, Kuzbassregiongaz LLC, Kurskregiongaz LLC, Mordovregiongaz LLC, Pskovregiongaz LLC, and other.

Our partners

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