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Hoses for solar collector

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Hoses for the solar collector are made of stainless steel and used for transportation of hot and cold water between solar collectors and heating tanks

Field of application:

  • Connections of solar collectors and boilers of the hot water supply system;

  • Connections for drinking water;

  • Solar energy systems;

  • Solar batteries;

  • Heating systems;

  • High-temperature industrial systems

The hose is a flexible pipe of stainless steel in pirogel insulation, equipped with a sensor cable.

Tubes are equipped with the system of quick fitting installation "QUICK SET", which allows saving the installation time.

Insulated hoses for connection of solar panels simplify and accelerate the installation process, in particular in places where installation space is limited and causes difficulties for workers, e.g., roofs and attics

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Characteristic Value
Diameter DN, mm 12,16,20,25
Operating pressure, bar                10 бар
Temperature оС -40...+350
Hose material Stainless steel
Coating Resistant detachable UV coating
Insulation Pirogel XT
Insulation thickness, mm 55 мм
Material of fitting Brass
Fitting type Quick-install connection "QUICK SET'
Type of joint Coupling
Sensor cable Silicon cable