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Water meters Grand SV TLM

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The water meter Grand SV TLM is used to measure the accumulated volume of cold water, hot water in closed and open heat supply systems, water supply systems.


The water meter Grand SV TLM is used to measure the accumulated volume of:

  • cold water;
  • hot water;

in closed and open heat supply systems, water supply systems.

Field of application:

Depending on the chosen throughput capacity, the field of application can be different:

  • domestic metering;
  • utility and domestic metering;
  • industrial metering.

Possibility of archive keeping and report printing allows using meters for commercial metering.

Measurement method:

The measurement method consists in recording the number of revolutions of an impeller rotating under the impact of water flow through the meter.

The number of impeller revolutions is converted into the water volume value and is recorded on an accrual basis.

All the instruments Grand SV TLM have a telemetry system allowing for transmission of data on flow rates and contingencies to the dispatcher station, as well as for receiving command information from the dispatcher station.


  • Convenient data transmission from the user to the resource supplier;

  • Monitoring of the actual water supply to consumers by the resource supplier;

  • Simple closing of balance sheet at resource suppliers;

  • Keeping and printing of consumption volume archives;

  • Antimagnetic protection system.


Measurement and archiving subsystem:

  • Measurement of water volume with display of accumulated volume;
  • Keeping a water flow rate archive;
  • Keeping an archive of contingencies;
  • Keeping an archive of interferences;
  • Keeping an archive of events.

Data transmission subsystem:

  • Remote transfer of data on water flow rate to a dispatcher station;
  • Server notification about events and interferences;
  • Remote receiving of commands from dispatcher station.


By the dust-moisture protection level:

  • IP 65;
  • IP 68.

By the range of measurement of water temperature, °С:

  • From plus 1 to plus 40;
  • From plus 1 to plus 95;
  • From plus 1 to plus 130.

Description of parameter


Limits of permissible relative error, %

± 4 - in the range Qmin < Q < Qt

± 2 - in the range Qt < Q < Qmax

Pressure loss at the rated flow rate, MPa

not more than 0.1

Limits of permissible absolute error during temperature measurement by built-in sensor, °C

± (0.3 + 0.002*|t|) where t - measured temperature

Limits of permissible absolute error at conversion of electrical resistance into a temperature value in the range from 50 to 1,600 Ohm, °C


Division value of the least significant digit of the readout device, indicator capacity, m3


Nominal diameter, DN, mm


Operating conditions:

Ambient air temperature, °C

Atmospheric pressure, kPa

Relative humidity at 35°С, %


from plus 1 to plus 55

from 84 to 106.7

up to 95

Digital wired interfaces

Modbus RTU

Digital wireless interfaces


Average service life, years, at least


Weight, kg, not more than


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm, not more than


Compliance Certification (RUS)

Certificate of type approval (RUS)