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Grand SPI gas meter with telemetry system and shutoff valve

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Grand SPI gas meters with telemetry system and shutoff valve are used for:

  • measuring the volume of natural gas or liquefied gas vapors;
  • electronic correction of consumed gas volume; data receiving and transfer to a dispatcher station.

The meter is equipped with a shutoff valve, which allows full- scale Implementation of the safety subsystem, as well as remote control of gas supply to shut-off non-payers.

Field of application:

Commercial metering of consumed gas:

  • at utility and household facilities;
  • at industrial facilities;

where the ambient temperature value can reach minus 30.

Can be installed:

  • in unheated premises;
  • outdoors in areas without direct entry of sunlight.

Data recording and reports printing allow to use the meters for metering gas consumption by legal entities


  • The meter can be incorporated into the automated gas metering system;

  • Automatic gas supply shut-off in case of leak detection;

  • Monitoring of premise gas contamination, with the gas detector connected;

  • Data transfer to a dispatcher station via a GPRS channel;

  • Full-range electronic temperature, pressure and gas composition correction;

  • Archiving and printout of archives of consumption, contingencies, events, gas composition; Ergonomics (substitutes 4 articles: meter, corrector, modem, shutoff valve);

  • Can be installed outdoors;

  • Moderate price.


By the colour of protective cover:

  • White;

  • Gray;

  • Orange.

Based on overpressure limit:

  • Maximum overpressure up to 5 kPa;
  • Maximum overpressure up to З00 kPa.

Based on reduction to standard conditions:

  • T-gas volume correction by the method T-conversion;

  • TP-gas volume correction by the method TP- recalculation;

  • TPz-gas volume correction by the method TPz-recalculation;

Characteristic Grand SPI-4 Grand SPI-6 Grand SPI-10 Grand SPI -16 Grand SPI-25 Grand SPI-40 Grand SPI-65
Maximum flow rate, Qmax, m3/h 4 6 10 16 25 40 65
Measurement range 1:100 1:140 1:160 1:250
Limits of permissible relative error during gas volume measurement,% in the flow rate range:

Qmin < Q < 0.2 Qmax:

0.2 Qmax < Q < Qmax

± 2.5
± 1.5

Range of measurements of volumetric flow rate reduced to the standard conditions, m3/h from 0.029 to 18.79 from 0.032 to 28.19 from 0.046 to 46.98 from 0.074 to 75.17 from 0.074 to 117.5 from 0.118 to 188.0 from 0.191 to 305.5
Sensitivity threshold 0.5 Qmin
Limits of permissible relative error during calculation of gas volumetric flow rate and volume, reduced to the standard conditions, % ± 0.02
Limits of permissible absolute error during temperature measurement, °C ±(05+0.002*|t|) where t-measured temperature,С
Limits of permissible relative error during pressure measurement, % ± 0.25
Range of working medium temperatures, °C from minus 20 to plus 60
Range of ambient temperatures, °C

from minus 40 to plus 60 

from minus 20 to plus 60

Time between failures, hours, at least 80000
Average service life, years, at least  10

Joining thread of coupling nut, G

3/4; 1 1; 1 1/4 1 1/4; 2

Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm, not more than

193*110*112 220*135*116
Weight, kg 3.0 3.5 4.0

Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Certificate of compliance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (RUS)