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Power supply module

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The module is used for controller's autonomous operation at facilities without electric power supply.

Power supply module


The module is used for conversion of mains alternating voltage into direct stabilized voltage of controller power supply in the range of 5.. 15 V. Parameters of output voltage are adjusted during setup and commissioning works.

The power supply module can additionally supply external devices (e.g. interfaces of connected devices, such as gas volume corrector EK-260). The possibility of power supply of external devices and their quantity depends on the total power of all devices and modules of the design-configured complex.

The module has the possibility of connection of a spark protection barrier with explosion protection of supply circuits. The module ensures connection of an autonomous power supply source with organization of automatic switchover to power supply from the autonomous power supply source for the period of external power outage, with subsequent automatic switchover back when the external power is recovered.


Module configuration The maximum possible configuration of controller
Configuration "8+1" Up to 8 extension modules + 1 base module
Configuration "16+1" Up to 16 extension modules + 1 base module

Autonomous power supply module 


The module is used for controller's autonomous operation at facilities without electric power supply


The Design-Configured Controller configuration with the maximum functionality, supporting autonomous operation for 4 years:

  • 12 analog;

  • 12 discrete inputs of "dry contact" type;

  • 1 digital interface (RS-232 or RS-485).

Depending on the number of connected extension modules, it is necessary to use different numbers of autonomous power supply modules:


Controller configuration Number of autonomous power supply modules, pcs

Duration of article's autonomous operation in the limited (regulated) load mode, not less, years

BM 1 4
BM + MRD-8 2 4
BM + MRD-8 + MRA-4 3 4
BM + MRD-8 + 2 pcs MRA-4 3 4
BM + MRD-8 + 3 pcs MRA-4 4 4
BM + 2 pcs MRD-8 + 3 pcs MRA-4 4 4


BM - base module;

MRD-8 - discrete input extension module (8 inputs);

MRA-4 - analog input extension module (4 inputs).

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Модуль автономного питания 

Модуль автономного питания 

Format of information exchange

Ethernet, RS-485  

RS-485, RS-232

Количество дискретных/импульсных входов

16 12
Ambient air temperature:

-30 °С ≤ t ≤ +50 °С

– overall dimensions, not more than
– weight, not more than

-не более110x95х60 мм

-не более 0,5 кг

В едином корпусе (шкафу):

не более 345x311х117,5 мм не более 5,5 кг

Certificate of type approval (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kazakhstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kyrgyzstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Turkmenistan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Uzbekistan (RUS)